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Ersa Series V AC, anti-static

Tips Ø inner 2.8 mm; outer 4.5 mm
ERSA V AC desoldering devices are characterised by high suction power and blow-back proof desoldering. The devices' anti-static properties enable work to be carried out smoothly on highly sensitive components.
The double gasket system guarantees consistent suction. The long, slim desoldering tips enable even tightly packed assemblies to be desoldered. 

Technical specifications

Desoldering nozzle


Suitable pumps
VAC 22 Antistatic, with 8.9 cm3 suction volume VAC 2
VAC 32 Antistatic, with 10 cm3 suction volume VAC 3
VAC X2 Antistatic, with 11.3 cm3 suction volume VAC X