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XMC Digital Power Explorer Kit


The Infineon XMCDigital Power Explorer Kit consists of XMC control cards and a synchronous buck power board. The XMC explorer kit is an evaluation board that provides digital power control with Infineon XMC4000 and XMC1000 series ARM® Cortex®-M MCU. The DAVE IDE and DAVE digital power APPs offer a software solution supporting the XMC microcontrollers. The kit not only operates the XMC microcontrollers but also the OptiMOS MOSFETs and high and low side drivers. The digital power board includes a synchronous buck converter with on-board resistive load banks. Infineon offer two control card options XMC1300 control card (ARM ® Cortex M0) and XMC4200 control card 914-5269 (ARM ® Cortex M4F) with isolated on-board debugger. Suitable for Industrial DC/DC power conversion, telecom and server DC/DC power conversion applications, For more Info see 


Synchronous buck converter
Control card options: XMC1300 and XMC4200
High-resolution PWM (150 ps) and smart analogue comparators on XMC4200
On board resistive load
PMBus™ communication option provides easy integration for more complex power management systems
Voltage mode control and peak current mode control
DAVE™ Software support -