[Power Supplies & Transformers] DIN Rail & Panel Mount Power Supplies

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ABL1REM Series Power Supply

ABL1 regulated switch mode power supplies are designed to provide the dc voltage necessary for simple, dedicated control circuits. Divided into two families, these power supplies are able to meet all the needs encountered in standard commercial machines.
ABL1 regulated switch mode power supplies are totally electronic and regulated

Products with anti-harmonic distortion input filtering
A high degree of output voltage stability, adjustable by potentiometer
Built-in thermal overload and short-circuit protection
Conformity to world-wide standards
Conformity to standard EN 55022 class B


Phaseo DIN Rail Panel Mount Power Supply, 240W, 24V dc/ 10A




 AC or DC Input VoltageAc
 AC or DC Output VoltageDc
 Minimum Input Voltage                       170V ac
 Output Voltage24 V dc
 Maximum Input Voltage264V ac
 Minimum Output Voltage21.6V dc
 Maximum Output Voltage26.4V dc
 Output Current10 A
 Power Rating240W
 Electrical Phase1