[Power Supplies & Transformers] DIN Rail & Panel Mount Power Supplies

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ABL 8WPS series power supplies

Compact three-phased power supplies, equipped with a harmonic filter, are intended to provide the DC voltage necessary for the control circuitry of automation equipment.
They deliver a voltage with an accuracy of 3%, regardless of the load, in the 340 to 550 V range.
They have a power reserve that allow them to deliver a current of 1.5 In at regular intervals, thus allowing the supply to be oversized if equipment has a high inrush current.
The diagnostics are indicated on the front face of the product by LEDs (Uout and Iout) and by floating relay contact (automation states guaranteed or not).
All products are equipped with an output voltage adjustment potentiometer to allow any drops in line voltage to be compensated for.
These power supplies are intended for direct mounting on a 35 mm DIN rail mount.

Phaseo Regulated Switch Mode DIN Rail Power Supply, 480W, 24V dc/ 20A



 AC or DC Input VoltageAc
 AC or DC Output VoltageDc
 Minimum Input Voltage320V ac
 Maximum Input Voltage550V ac
 Output Voltage24 V dc
 Minimum Output Voltage24V dc
 Maximum Output Voltage28.8V dc
 Output Current20 A
 Power Rating480W
 Number of Outputs1
 Electrical Phase3
 TypeRegulated Switch Mode
 Dimensions120 x 95 x 125mm
 Maximum Temperature                             +60°C
 Line Regulation1 → 3%
 Ripple And Noise<=200mV
 Efficiency92 → 100%
 Load Regulation1 → 3%
 Minimum Temperature-25°C