[Power Supplies & Transformers] DIN Rail & Panel Mount Power Supplies

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ABL 8BBU battery control modules and ABL 8BPK battery

For applications sensitive to power interruptions, the battery control modules are used to supply voltage after the network has been cut off, allowing for a back-up of the current values or the protection of certain actuators supplied with 24 Vdc.
Retaining duration is 9 minutes for 40 A and 2 hours for 1 A (according to the combination of control module/battery unit and charge).
Each battery module consists of lead acid batteries (two in series) and automotive fuse protection.
Only these modules are compatible with the ABL 8BBU series battery control modules.


Phaseo Analogue Bench Power Supply, 24V dc/ 20A



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 AC or DC Input VoltageDc
 AC or DC Output VoltageDc
 Minimum Input Voltage21V dc
 Maximum Input Voltage29V dc
 Output Voltage24 V dc
 Minimum Output Voltage24V dc
 Maximum Output Voltage24V dc
 Output Current20 A
 Number of Outputs                                 1
 Dimensions86 x 175 x 143mm
 Minimum Temperature0°C
 Maximum Temperature+40°C