[Power Supplies & Transformers] DIN Rail & Panel Mount Power Supplies

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ABL 8FEQ filtered, rectified power supplies

Filtered, rectified power supplies are built using a security transformer equipped with a bridge rectifier and filter capacitors.
With no regulation, rectified power supplies provide a non-regulated voltage sensitive to variations in line supply and load. They can only be used on good quality line supplies where fluctuations are limited to -10 %… + 10 % of the nominal value.
These supplies are connected between phase and neutral or between two phases, filtered and rectified. They are designed for direct mounting on a DIN rail.


Phaseo Switch Mode DIN Rail Panel Mount Power Supply, 24W, 24V dc/ 1A




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 AC or DC Input VoltageAc
 AC or DC Output VoltageDc
 Minimum Input Voltage207V ac
 Output Voltage24 V dc
 Maximum Input Voltage253V ac
 Minimum Output Voltage24V dc
 Maximum Output Voltage24V dc
 Output Current1 A
 Power Rating24W
 Electrical Phase                                 1
 TypeSwitch Mode
 Dimensions124 x 87 x 108mm
 Ripple And Noise1200mV
 Maximum Temperature+60°C
 Minimum Temperature-20°C