[Uncategorized] Ceramic Multilayer Capacitors

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AxiMax Series

X7R dielectric
Conformally coated
Compact axial package 

X7R Dielectric

Suitable for bypass, decoupling, filtering, sample and hold and timing circuits

KEMET 100nF Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) 50 V dc ±10% X7R dielectric C SMD max op. temp. +125°C




 Capacitance100 nF
 Voltage50 V dc
 Dimensions3.05 (Dia.) x 4.32mm
 Tolerance Minus                                              -10%
 Tolerance Plus+10%
 CAD Drawing3D CAD Model
 Maximum Operating Temperature+125°C
 Minimum Operating Temperature-55°C
 Dielectric Material FamilyCeramic
 Terminal TypeSMD
 Temperature Coefficient±15%