[Power Connectors] Mount 4 Terminal

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Type describes the type of the component.
Gender describes the connector kind (Plug, Receptacle, Male or Female).
Number of Contacts
Number of Contacts describes the number of circuits or positions in the connector. Alternative Terms, Positions, Pins, Leads, Poles, circuits.
Number of Terminals
Number of Terminals describes number of package pins or device leads.
Number of Ports
Number of Ports describes the number of inlets/outlets or number of separated ports controlled by this device.
Termination Method
Termination Method describes the shape of pins, leads, terminals or connectors to show the way of its termination to a wire or PCB.
Terminal Pitch (mm)
Terminal Pitch describes the distance between circuits (positions) measured from center-to-center of adjacent conductors in the same row and from board direction.
Body Orientation
Body Orientation describes the direction of terminal, connector or body towards board or cable else describes the body style.
Maximum Current Rating (A)
Maximum Current Rating describes the maximum allowable continuous current that can be passed through a component or a conductor without causing degradation of performance.
Maximum Voltage Rating
Maximum Voltage Rating describes the maximum value of D.C. voltage or A.C. voltage capable of being applied continuously to a resistor at the rated ambient temperature. Rated Voltage shall be calculated from the following formula. Rated Voltage(V) = {Rated Power(W) * Nominal Resistance()} When the nominal resistance value exceeds the critical resistance value, the rated voltage is limited to the maximum working voltage.
Minimum Operating Temperature (°C)
Minimum Operating Temperature describes the minimum temperature that the device can function correctly while working.
Maximum Operating Temperature (°C)
Maximum Operating Temperature describes the maximum temperature that the device can function correctly while working.
Wire Size (AWG)
Wire Size describes the AWG measurement of the size of wire the contact will accept.
Housing Color
Housing Color describes the color of the body or housing.
Product Length (mm)
Product Length describes the overall length dimension in the length direction.
Product Depth (mm)
Product Depth describes the overall depth or width dimension in the depth direction.
Product Height (mm)
Product Height describes the overall product height in the height direction.
Contact Plating
Gold Over Nickel
Contact Plating describes the type of the material that plates material contact made of.
Contact Material
Copper Alloy
Contact Material describes the material that contact is made of.
Cable Mount



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