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Main Product


SmartWire DT Front Mounting Contact Blocks

SmartWire DT contact blocks for use with the RMQ Titan M22 range of control circuit devices. SmartWire-DT is a simple communication system to connect switchgear systems it reduces the wiring requirement needed and the expense compared to other systems. Connection via standard fieldbus systems (e.g PROFIBUS, CANopen) allows the use on other platforms.

Versions with 1 or 2 changeover contacts and with or without integrated LED element
LED elements in 4 colours (white, blue, green, red)
SmartWire DT diagnostics LED fo signalling the communication
Connection to SmartWire DT ribbon cable with external device plug





Block TypeContact & Light Block
Contact Configuration1CO
Illumination ColourGreen
Illumination TypeLED
Terminal TypeSmartwire
Body/Fixing Collar IncludedNo
Current Rating15 mA
LED IncludedYes
CAD Drawing3D CAD Model




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