[Coaxial Cable] Temperature & Humidity Sensors

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Main Product

The TSEV01S01C10 is a contact-less temperature measuring system for OEM use based on the detection of infrared radiation. The TSEV01S01C10 is equipped with an infrared sensor (Thermopile) in front. The Thermopile Sensor has to be pointed at the target object.

Contact less Temperature Measurement
Small Size
Heat Spreader improves Accuracy
Wide Supply Voltage Range
Digital Interface Bus (SPI)
Small Field of View
The basic working principle is:Detection of infrared radiation with a Thermopile sensor, which turns incoming radiation to an analogue voltage
Determination of sensor temperature using a thermistor
Calculation of ambient and object temperature using a processing unit
Providing the ambient and objects temperature at digital output bus (SPI)




Sensor FunctionTemperature & Humidity
Output TypeDigital
Interface TypeSPI
Mounting TypeThrough Hole
Pin Count6
Minimum Operating Temperature-10 °C
Operating Temperature Range-10 → +85 °C
Maximum Operating Temperature+85 °C
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage-0.3 V
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage+16 V
Package TypePCB Module
Dimensions35 x 25 x 10.5mm
Resolution8 bit