[Electrical Power & Industrial Cable] Industrial Automation Cable Assemblies

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Main Product


M12 to Ethernet Network Cable Assemblies

A comprehensive range of shielded M12 Ethernet connector cable assemblies, featuring M12 to RJ45 connectors in halogen free shielded light blue cable, and M12 to open ended cables all in varying lengths to suit application.

Rated at 1A 50V
Operating temperature range -20 to +80 °C
IP67 rating for M12
IP20 rating for RJ45






Connector A                                                   M12
Connector BRJ45
Connector A Number of Contacts8
Current Rating1 A
Voltage Rating30 V
Cable ShapeTwisted Pair
CAD Drawing3D CAD Model
American Wire Gauge26 AWG
Connector A Housing GenderPlug
Connector B Housing GenderPlug




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