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Main Product


Fluke T5-600 & T5-1000 Multi-function Electrical Testers

Fluke T5 electrical testers are compact tools for checking voltage, continuity and current. With a T5 model, the operator has only to select volts, ohms or current and the tester does the rest. Open Jaw current allows checking current up to 100 A, without breaking the circuit.

Features & Benefits

• Automatically measures volts ac and volts dc with precise digital resolution
• Displays resistance to 1000 Ω
• Easy and accurate Open Jaw current measurement
• Continuity beeper
• Compact design with neat probe storage
• Rugged enough to withstand a 10 ft (3 m) drop
• Detachable SlimReach probe tips customised for national electrical standards
• Test leads accept Fluke accessory test clips
• Can stay connected much longer than solenoid type tester
• Auto off mode to conserve battery life (powered by AA battery x2)
• Dimensions 30.5 x 51 x 203 mm
• Weight 300 g











Multimeter TypeHandheld
Absolute Maximum AC Current Measurement100A ac
Absolute Maximum AC Voltage Measurement1000V ac
Absolute Maximum Resistance Measurement1kΩ
Functions MeasuredAC Current, AC Voltage, Continuity, DC Current, DC Voltage, Resistance
Model Number pT5
AC Current Measurement Resolution0.1A ac
Resistance Measurement Resolution
AC Voltage Measurement Resolution1V ac
Battery TypeAA x 2
Safety Category LevelCAT III, CAT IV
Dimensions30.5 x 51 x 203mm
Best Resistance Measurement Accuracy±1% + 2 Digits
Battery Life125 (Zinc Chloride) h, 360 (Alkaline) h
Safety Category Voltage600 V, 1000 V
Best AC Voltage Accuracy±1.5% + 2 Digits
Minimum Operating Temperature-10°C
Best AC Current Accuracy±3% + 3 Digits
Maximum Operating Temperature+50°C
Best DC Voltage Accuracy±1% + 1 Digit


FLUKE 코퍼레이션은 미국의 계측기 브랜드로, 전자/전기 계측기를 포함한 산업용 테스트 장비 제조 업체이다. 특히 엄격한 품질과 함께 휴대성, 내구성, 정확성 및 안전성에 있어 세계적으로 가장 유명하고 전문가들에게 인정받는 브랜드입니다. 본사: 미국 워싱턴주 에버렛 창립자: 존 플루크 창립: 1948년, 미국 워싱턴주 에버렛 직원 수: 2,525명입니다