[Uncategorized] Ferrite Beads

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Main Product


Broadband Split/Snap-on Cores

These easy installation ferrite cores are designed to reduce electromagnetic interference from being induced or radiated. They are available in a variety of sizes and suitable for applications from 30MHz to 1GHz. These ferrite cores provide excellent common and differential mode EMO suppression on cable assemblies

Rectangular ferrites are suitable for data cables e.g. telephone or signal lines
Circular ferrites are suitable for mains cables e.g. on photocopying machines, printers and other office equipment












Package Type2913
Impedance at 25 MHz86Ω
Impedance at 100 MHz177Ω
Impedance at 300 MHz305Ω
TypeSnap-On EMI Core, Split EMI Core
Dimensions23.5 x 36.25mm
ApplicationEMI Suppression