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Acc Silicones Silicone Grease M494 50 g Tube 20 → 60000cSt


SGM494 Silicone Grease (Water Potable)

SGM494 is high quality general purpose silicone grease approved by the military and the WRAS for use with potable water systems. It can be used to lubricate plastic to plastic and metal to plastic parts. SG M494 is water-repellent, work-stable, non-melting, tasteless and odourless and can be also used for electrical insulation purposes.

Can be used from -50ºC to +200ºC .
Work stable after 24 hours at 200ºC.
Non-melting, low bleed and weight loss.
Good low load lubrication.
Excellent dielectric properties.
Good water repellence.
Non-corrosive to metals.
Low level of toxicity.
WRAS approval 0502509 for use with potable water.
NATO S-736, MIL-S-8660B, DEF STAN 68-69.
Lubricates plastic.

Typical Applications

Sealing electrical systems against water ingress.
Prevention of corona discharge.
Protection of insulation against corona discharge.
Potting of small electronic components.
Lubrication of electric cables through conduits.
Screw threads lubrication to prevent sticking and corrosion.
Packing of mineral fibre glands to prevent sticking.
Stop-cock lubrication.
Vacuum sealing of ground glass joints. 


AppearanceGrey/White Paste
Dielectric Strength19.5 kV/mm
Dielectric Constant2.9
Volume Resistivity1.0 x 1015 Ohms
Electrical Strength>13 kV



WRAS, MIL-S-8660B, DEF STAN 68-69, NATO S-736

General Purpose Greases



 Package Type                                              Tube
 Trade NameSGM494
 Grease TypeSilicone
 Package Size50 g
 Product FormPaste
 Minimum Operating Temperature-50°C
 Maximum Operating Temperature+200°C
 Viscosity20 → 60000cSt