[Sealants] Silicone Sealants

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Grey Silicone Sealant Paste for Sealing. 310 ml Cartridge, -50 → +220 °C



AS1802 Thermally Conduct Silicone Adhesive

AS1802 is a 1-component silicone rubber which vulcanizes at room temperature (RTV). It cures with the humidity to a resistant silicone rubber.

Non corrosive
Fast skinning
Low linear shrinkage
Full cure after less than 24 hours
Excellent thermal conductivity
Excellent primerless adhesion to many substrates
Meets UL94V0 requirements 

Silicone Compounds - ACC


 Package Size310 ml
 Package TypeCartridge
 Minimum Operating Temperature-50°C
 Maximum Operating Temperature+220°C
 Chemical TypeElastomer
 Physical Properties                                             Low Linear Shrinkage, Non-Corrosive, Tack-Free
 Cure Time<8 (3 mm) h
 Product FormPaste
 Dielectric Strength20kV/mm
 Operating Temperature Range-50 → +220 °C
 Special FeaturesExcellent Thermal Conductivity, Fast Skinning, Low Linear Shrinkage, Non Corrosive
 Hardness67 Shore A
 Tensile Strength3.9MPa
 Chemical CompositionAcetone
 Specific Gravity2.11