[Sealants] Silicone Sealants

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Translucent Silicone Sealant Paste


AS1745T – High Strength, High Temperature Silicone Adhesive Paste

High strength, high temperature, adhesive paste
1 Part neutral self levelling adhesive sealant
Adhesion to many substrates
Contains UV trace for easy detection
Assembly of electrical and electronic equipment
Sealing and bonding of corrosion sensitive devices
Shallow encapsulation of small circuits and connectors
Meets the physical and chemical requirements of MIL A-46146B
UL94HB approval at 1.5 mm thickness file No. E334038 

Silicone Compounds - ACC


 Colour                                         Translucent
 ApplicationAtmospheric Moisture, Corrosion Sensitive Devices, Electrical & Electronic Applications, Small Circuits and Connectors
 Package Size310 ml
 Package TypeCartridge
 Minimum Operating Temperature-62°C
 Maximum Operating Temperature+316°C
 Chemical TypeAlkoxy, Silicone Elastomer
 Physical PropertiesHigh Strength, High Temperature Adhesive Paste, Non-Corrosive, Tack-Free
 Cure Time72 (3 mm) h
 Product FormPaste
 Tensile Strength7.75MPa
 Hardness35 Shore A
 Specific Gravity1.16
 Dielectric Strength18kV/mm
 Operating Temperature Range-62 → +316 °C
 Special FeaturesAdhesion to Many Substrate, High Temperature Resistance, Non Corrosive