[Sealants] Silicone Sealants

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Black Silicone Sealant Paste for Engineering. 310 ml Cartridge, -60 → +300 °C


Silcoset 158 High Temperature Silicone Adhesive

Silcoset 158 is a 1-Part ready to use RTV silicone adhesive which cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture. The cured adhesive remains flexible over a wide range of temperatures and is resistant to moisture and many common chemicals. Silcoset 158 is specified by Rolls Royce Aerospace and the MOD. Being heat resistant it is also suitable for the repair of domestic cookers.

Heat Resistant -60°C to +300°C
Excellent bonding to wide range of substrates
Good electrical insulation
Resistance to ageing, weathering, ozone and corona
Resistance to oxidation and many oils, chemicals and solvents
MOD - AFS 1540B
Rolls Royce - MSRR 9146 

Tensile2.30 MPa
Tack Free

4 minutes







 Package Size310 ml
 Package Type                                                           Cartridge
 Minimum Operating Temperature-60°C
 Maximum Operating Temperature+300°C
 Chemical TypeElastomer
 Physical PropertiesHigh Temperature, Tack-Free
 Cure Time7 (3 mm) h
 Product FormPaste
 Chemical CompositionThixotropic
 Operating Temperature Range-60 → +300 °C
 Hardness38 Shore A
 Specific Gravity1.07
 Special FeaturesExcellent Bonding to a Wide Range of Substrate, Good Electrical Insulation, Resistance to Chemical and Solvent
 Tensile Strength2.3MPa
 Dielectric Strength18kV/mm

3mm Cure7 hours