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Ceramic Heating Element, 1150mm, 630 W, 230 V ac




Cold-formed heating resistors

Formable heating resistors can take on any shape after forming and may therefore be used to replace faulty specific resistors, or in a normal capacity on injection nozzles, sheaths and cylindrical parts.
The internal bend radius is 8 mm for the round sleeve and 7 mm for the square section.
The resistor must be formed to be slightly smaller than the part that will be heated, to ensure good contact.
The heating length must be determined according to the part to be heated.
A formed CFR may not be reformed. 

Supply voltage:230 Vac
Thermocouple:J type (PTFE insulated)
Wire length:1 m (+ galvanised steel metal braid)
Operating temperature:+750 °C max. (peak)

Strip Heating Elements


To obtain optimum performance from these products, it is advised that temperature sensing and control elements be used with them


UL Recognised; CSA Certified





 Heating Element Form              Formable Coil Heaters
 Power Rating630 W
 Supply Voltage230 V ac
 Width                                   3.7mm






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