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ACT Meter CHROME-IBT Battery Tester




ACT Chrome Intelligent Battery Tester

The ACT Chrome is an intelligent battery tester, designed for 12V lead acid batteries from 1.2Ah to 200Ah. The ACT Chrome accurately measure the available Ah capacity based on the battery's temperature and state of charge. This enables you to check the voltage and test the capacity of new batteries straight from the box, as well as used batteries which may show abnormal Ah capacity caused by excess temperature or from being under or overcharged. A table on the side of the meter indicates when batteries should be recharged or replaced due to age or operating conditions (65% of rated capacity)

Tests 12V SLA and Flooded lead acid batteries
Simulates a full (20 hour) battery discharge test in seconds
Capable of testing 12V batteries up to 200Ah
Displays DC voltage and Ampere-hour (Ah) capacity available in the battery
Advanced pulse load analysis accurately measures Ah capacity available in seconds
Accurate Ah capacity based on battery's temperature and state of charge
Reverse polarity protection
Calibration Certification included
Ideal for those who need to test 12V standby lead acid batteries in various applications such as fire and security systems
Operating Voltage 12Vdc
Reverse Polarity Protection Diode
Max Input Voltage 15Vdc
Battery Types SLA (AGM), Flooded (WET) C20 rated
Battery Sizes 12V 1.2Ah to 200Ah
Ah Capacity Test Simulated 20 hour (C20) load test to 10.50Vdc
Case Construction Metal / Plastic
Size 55(H) x 100(W) x 35(D)mm 

A temperature sensitive strip is located on the unit to record ambient temperature

Supplied with

ACT Chrome Intelligent Battery Tester
ACT/3532 Terminal Connectors
ACT/410 Soft Carry Case
Sample ACT/BTL Labels
Operating Instructions and Certificate of Calibration

Battery Accessories


 For Battery Chemistry  :  Lead Acid





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