[Uncategorized] Through Hole Fixed Resistors

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Alpha MCY Series Radial Metal Film Fixed Resistor 250Ω ±0.01% 0.3W ±2.5ppm/°C




High-Precision Resistor, MCY Series

Temperature coefficient: ±2.5 ppm/°C
High precision with tolerance of ±0.01%


Rated power                                             0.3 W (at 125°C)
Temperature coefficient of resistance±2.5 ppm/°C
Resistance tolerance±0.01%
Operating temperature range-65°C to +175°C
Storage life±25 ppm / 10,000 hrs
Maximum usage voltageDC 300 V
DimensionsW. 8.3    L. 7.9    T. 2.3 (mm)
Lead interval (F)5.08 mm
Lead diameter (d)

0.65 mm Ø 






 Resistance                                              250 Ω
 Power Rating0.3W
 Case StyleMoulded
 Temperature Coefficient±2.5ppm/°C
 Termination StyleRadial
 Dimensions7.9 x 2.3 x 8.3mm
 Maximum Operating Temperature+175°C
 Maximum Temperature Coefficient+2.5ppm/°C
 Minimum Operating Temperature-65°C
 Minimum Temperature Coefficient-2.5ppm/°C
 Lead Pitch5.08mm
 Board Level ComponentsY