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AdderLink X-USB PRO Extender

The AdderLink USB, video and audio extender deliver sharp, high-resolution video images and high-quality audio at distances up to 300 m over a single CATx cable

Video resolution 1920 x 1200
Video compensation
Local feed through port
USB powered transmitter
Dual user configuration
Emulated 2 page DDC EDID
USB support
Rack options

The AdderLink X-USB PRO has been designed to provide industry-leading video clarity, compatibility and high rack densities

Adder 8 port CAT, D-Type Connector, RJ45, USB KVM Extender









 TypeExtender Pair
 Connection PortCAT, D-Type Connector, RJ45, USB
 Number of Ports8
 Maximum Resolution1920 x 1200pixels
 Extension Distance300m
 Audio Support                                 Yes
 Receiver Dimensions122 x 75 x 26mm
 Receiver Weight350g
 Transmitter Dimensions162 x 75 x 26mm
 Transmitter Weight430g
 Receiver Depth75mm
 Receiver Height26mm
 Receiver Width122mm
 Transmitter Depth75mm
 Transmitter Height26mm
 Transmitter Width162mm