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Advance Tape AT132High Tack Duct Tape

The AT132 high tack cloth duct tape from Advance Tapes is designed with a high tact for instant grab. This duct tape has a water resistant finish and tears easily.

Features and Benefits

Water resistant finish
Good abrasion resistance
Conforms to the surface it is used on
Available in black or silver

Advance Tapes AT132 Gloss Silver Duct Tape, 50m x 50mm x 0.17mm











 Backing MaterialCloth
 Adhesive Material                                                 Rubber Resin
 Adhesion Strength4 N/cm
 Elongation at Break18%
 Tensile Strength35N/cm
 Maximum Operating Temperature+65°C
 Minimum Operating Temperature-50°C
 Trade NameAT132
 Model NumberAT132