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Hazard Warning Tapes

Hazard warning tapes help to meet statutory health and safety regulations. The colours are used for marking as indicated below.,Black/Yellow:,Radio active substances, width and height ,restrictions, moving equipment and obstructions,Red/White:,Fire fighting equipment, no smoking areas and flammable substances,Green/White:,Safety equipment, first aid points, emergency escape routes and safe areas

A low stretch PVC that will not shrink back or lift once applied
Very high adhesion level, adheres well long term to rough surfaces
Good abrasion resistance, stands up well to foot and machinery traffic
Flexible and easy to apply round irregular surface
Roll length 33m
Widths vary (see table)
For indoor and outdoor use

Advance Tapes AT8 Black/Yellow PVC Hazard Tape, 75mm x 33m










 Backing MaterialPVC
 Adhesion Strength                                           3.5 N/cm
 Tensile Strength26N/cm
 Elongation at Break150%
 Maximum Operating Temperature+60°C
 Minimum Operating Temperature0°C
 Adhesive MaterialRubber Resin
 Model NumberAT8