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Tygon® LP1200 Fuel Tubing

Tygon LP1200 tubing from Saint-Gobain is a clear, high performance tubing designed for small engine fuel lines, and oil and grease lubrication transfer lines. Manufactured with a fluoropolymer lining that prevents fuel fouling and excellent fuel resistance LP1200 tubing is suitable for use with ethanol-based fuels. High elasticity and flexibility aid easy fuel line routing prevent necking caused by overstretching and its clear colour make blockages and leaks easy to identify. Tygon fuel tubing is submersible and resistant to swelling hardening and cracking



Saint-Gobain Fluoropolymer Flexible Tubing, Natural, 6.4mm External Diameter, 15.24m Long, 9.52mm Bend Radius




 Inner Diameter                                              3.17mm
 Outer Diameter6.4mm
 Suitable ApplicationsChain Saws, Cut-off Machines, Edgers, Tillers
 Minimum Operating Temperature-28°C
 Maximum Operating Temperature+82°C
 Maximum Working Pressure4.1 bar
 Bend Radius9.52mm
 Operating Temperature RangeMaximum of +82 °C