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Norprene® Industrial Grade Tubing A-60-G

A high performance tubing that is heat sealable with wide temperature range.
Noprene’s excellent flexural fatigue and abrasion resistance makes it an ideal choice for use with peristaltic pumps and as a wear resistant sleeving.
Applications include abrasion resistant sleeving & cable installation, soap and disinfectant dispensing, printing ink transfer, caustic dispensing, plating and etching chemicals, glass and window wash systems, vacuum pumps.



Saint-Gobain Tygon®A-60-G Flexible Tubing, Black, 12.7mm External Diameter, 15m Long, Peristaltic pumps Applications





 Inner Diameter                                                    9.5mm
 Outer Diameter12.7mm
 Suitable ApplicationsPeristaltic pumps
 Minimum Operating Temperature-60°C
 Maximum Operating Temperature+135°C
 Maximum Working Pressure0.48 bar
 Operating Temperature Range-60 → +135 °C