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Tygon® Laboratory Tubing S3-E3603

A phthalate free tubing from Saint Gobain. Tygon S3 E-3603 is suitable for many applications including Food & Beverage and laboratory. A long lasting and crack resistant, crystal clear tubing with smooth inner walls to prevent blockage or build-up. Ideal for condensers, incubators, analytical instruments and peristaltic pumps.



Saint-Gobain Tygon S3 E-3603 Flexible Tubing, transparent, 4mm External Diameter, 15m Long, Applications Various





 Inner Diameter                                          2.4mm
 Outer Diameter4mm
 MaterialTygon S3 E-3603
 Suitable ApplicationsBiopharmaceutical, Food and beverage, General laboratory, Persistaltic pumps
 Minimum Operating Temperature-46°C
 Maximum Operating Temperature+74°C
 Maximum Working Pressure1.7 bar
 Operating Temperature Range-43 → +74 °C