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Iso-Versinic® Fluoroelastomer Tubing

Iso-Versinic® Fluoroelastomer Tubing offers excellent resistance to highly aggressive chemicals, is highly resistant to ageing and weathering, and is suitable for use within severe environments, as well as being suitable for laboratory or general use. Iso-Versinic® Fluoro-elastomer Tubing offers Shore A hardness of 60 (for tubing up to ID 4mm x OD 6mm), and Shore A hardness of 70 for tubing from ID 4mm x OD 8mm.

Iso-Versinic® Fluoroelastomer Tubing offers:

Exceptionally good resistance to strong acids, alcohols, and chlorinated solvents
Flame resistant properties (temperature resistance from -20 to +200°C; possible +300°C peak)

Saint-Gobain Tube Iso-Versinic® Flexible Tubing, Black, 14mm External Diameter, 25m Long, 48mm Bend Radius

 Inner Diameter10mm
 Outer Diameter14mm
 MaterialTube Iso-Versinic®
 Suitable ApplicationsIndustrial, Laboratory
 Minimum Operating Temperature-20°C
 Maximum Operating Temperature+200°C
 Bend Radius48mm
 Operating Temperature Range-20 → +200 °C