[Uncategorized] Stepper Drives & Indexers

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ST5-Si and ST10-Si Programmable Stepper Drive

ST5-Si and ST10-Si programmable step drives offer the following features:

Software setup using ST Configurator (software included)
Microstepping 200 to 58000 steps/rev.
Pulse and direction: pulse/direction, CW/CCW, A/B quadrature
Host control mode
Idle current reduction
Torque ripple smoothing
Microstep emulation
8 digital inputs
4 digital outputs

Applied Motion Systems 5 A Bipolar Stepper Drive, 24 → 48V dc, 5 x 3 x 1.75in





 For Motor TypeBipolar
 Current Rating5 A
 Board Supply Voltage24 → 48V dc
 Overall Length5in
 Overall Width3in
 Overall Depth1.75in