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ATA6670 LIN transceiver Development Kit

The Atmel® ATA6670-EK development board enables designers to rapidly begin work with this IC and testing and prototyping new LIN designs.
The Atmel ATA6670 is a fully integrated Dual LIN transceiver complying with the LIN specification 2.0, 2.1, and AEJ2602-2. There are two completely independent and separated Atmel LIN ATA6663 transceivers integrated in a DFN14 package (only the GND pins GND1 and GND2 are internally connected).
The device is designed to handle low-speed data communication in vehicles, such as in convenience electronics. Improved slope control at the LIN bus ensures secure data communication up to 20kBaud. Sleep mode guarantees minimal current consumption for each LIN transceiver even in the case of a floating bus line or a short circuit on the LIN bus to GND.
The Atmel ATA6670 has been developed mainly for LIN Master applications.

ATA6670 LIN transceiver Development Kit






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