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BT 81 Series Control Knobs

From Atoms, the BT-81 Series control knobs are accurate, reliable and stylish. Featuring a highly effective rotation brake, these precision control knobs are for use with single-turn potentiometers. BT-81 Series control knobs are available in five different colours.

Features and Benefits:

• Total Count: 99
• Accuracy: 2%
• Acceptable shaft lengths of 17mm minimum to 22mm maximum.

Diameter:23 mm
50 divisions per turn    
Total count:99
Acceptable shaft length:17 mm min., 22 mm max.
Atoms Potentiometer Dial, Body: Black, Dia. 23mm with a White Indicator, 6.35mm Shaft


 Shaft Size                          6.35mm
 Knob Diameter23mm
 Knob Height24mm
 Body ColourBlack
 Indicator ColourWhite
 For Use WithPotentiometer
 Knob TypeTurns Counting Dial