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ATP Industrial Grade CompactFlash Card

Ruggedized flash products designed to perform consistently under conditions of extreme temperature, shock, vibration, and humidity.
By utilizing pre-screened SLC NAND flash memory and advanced Global Wear Leveling technology, the ATP Industrial Grade CompactFlash Card has enhanced endurance levels and a longer product lifespan. The ATP Industrial Grade CF card implements the StaticDataRefresh technology, which monitors the error bit levels during each read operation to ensure data integrity, and the EarlyRetirement technology prevents data loss from weak blocks

Host Interface:
Compliance with CF specification 4.1
Pre-screened Single Level Cell (SLC) NAND flash memory
True IDE mode compatible:
Support PIO mode 0∼6, MDMA mode 0∼2, UDMA mode 0∼4
High performance:
Reads up to 51MByte/s
Writes up to 25MByte/s
Capacity: 512MB to 32GB
Industrial grade temp.: -40°C to 85°C
Enhanced endurance by Global wear leveling and bad block management
13/24 bit BCH-ECC engines can correct up to 24 bit errors per 1,024 byte data
Number of connector insertion/removals: >10,000
PowerProtector, built-in power-down data protection
S.M.A.R.T. function support for life time monitor
Power saving mode (automatic sleep and wake-up mechanism)

ATP 512 MB Compact Flash Card SLC







 Capacity                  512 MB
 Nand TypeSLC