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AL330B-EVB-A1, Digital LCD Display SoC Evaluation Board

The AL330B-EVB-A1 is an evaluation kit using AverLogic chips to demonstrate a total solution for Small to Medium Digital LCD Display applications. This EVB product can accept multiple video inputs (Composite video, and Components video), which can then be displayed in high quality on an LCD Screen.
The main component is the AL330B chip, a highly integrated Display SoC, containing a 3-Ch + 10-bit ADC, 2D Video Decoder, Deinterlacer, Scaler, Microcontroller, OSD, and TCON. The AL330B can support small to medium Digital TFT-LCD Panels and small to medium AMOLED Display Devices. This product contains 1 Mbit of serial flash for customizable boot and code storage.

Video standard support: PAL and NTSC
Video Input Formats: Composite, Component
Output Formats: 24-bit RGB signal
Output resolution supports: 800x480 pixels
EVB Functionality
Multiple video inputs
PAL/NTSC auto detection
Manual adjustment of brightness
Internal OSD overlay with programmable font for OSD display

Digital LCD Display SOC Evaluation Board






 Kit ClassificationEvaluation Board
 Technology                     LCD