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LG01-2000A Liquid Flow Switch & Bubble Detectors

The LG01-2000A family of liquid flow switches from Sensirion are able to detect liquid flow by millilitres per minute (ml/min). It also provides bubble detection.
When the flow rate is more than the desired flow switch point, the output signal is 5 V. If the flow rate is lower than this point the output signal is 0 V. This is also the case for when air/bubbles are sensed within the sensor’s flow channel.

Sensirion Liquid Flow Meter, 5 → 12 V


 Media MonitoredLiquid
 Device TypeLiquid Flow Switch
 Minimum Flow Rate250 (Isopropyl Alcohol)
 Maximum Flow Rate220 (Water) ml/min, 250 (Isopropyl Alcohol) ml/min
 Supply Voltage5 → 12 V
 Pipe Diameter Range9.2 mm
 Connection Type5 Pin PCB Header
 Maximum Pressure3bar
 MaterialBorosilicate Glass (Tube Material), FEP (Sealing), PEEk (Fitting)
 Minimum Operating Temperature                         +10°C
 Maximum Operating Temperature+50°C
 Current Rating6.8 mA